Since we commenced in 1970, we have worked tirelessly to earn our reputation for quality, service and dependability. For almost 50 years, these founding principles have helped us succeed in creating prestigious architectural woodwork projects on a large scale. Our expert staff of estimators, project managers, engineers, craftsman, and carpenters consistently provide a superior level of service, resulting in the successful completion of unparalleled projects.

The AWW team engages our clients with a personalized experience from the beginning stages of design all the way through the process to the final, unique result. This approach provides a distinguished, personal level of quality, service and dependability that permeates every aspect of the project.


The creativity and excitement of woodworking has always been the driving force behind what we do, and our shop features both the standard tools of the trade and a collection of sophisticated tools and machinery. Together with our innovative engineering and design solutions, we are able to create products that are affordable, sustainable, easy to install and beautiful.


From product design to prototyping to production and fulfilment, we collaborate with some of today’s most promising designers and entrepreneurs to create unique solutions for a vast array of projects.


Everything we build is manufactured from the highest quality wood and all of our products can be custom designed and custom stained to suit any individual project.


Using almost five decades of woodworking and design experience, we can recommend the best wood for any application, and a range of designs for any space. We want to make sure that every customer finds the most beautiful, functional and affordable design for their project.


The hospitality industry is booming in the Middle East and there is a signifcant amount of investment in the development and construction of hotels and resorts throughout the region. As a result, AWW created a new divisions to service the sector, which is supported by a full management and engineering team experienced in dealing with hotels, designers, operators and FF&E suppliers.We are capable of manufacturing all furniture types for the rooms, decorate and fabricate hotels and public area items. All of the furniture is manufactured in-house and we work closely with our suppliers to provide additional items such as curtains, carpets and room lighting.Our highly qualifed team is ideal for bespoke solutions for the hospitality industry, public areas, luxury shops and various retail solutions. This expertise has enabled us to work with international brands, like Hilton, Radisson, Holiday Inn and Centro.In order to ensure our clients’ satisfaction, we have established very strict quality control rules that integrate our products within the range of hotels supplies and is in full complainace with international standards.